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Should you like to present your company on the World Wide Web using some own Internet site (e.g. www.company.hu) and to assign corporate e-mail address to your employees (e.g. xy@company.hu), the domain name service of GTS Hungary is recommended.  As accredited domain registrar our enterprise undertakes to register and maintain domestic, European Union and international domain names.

When using domain name service the general rule is that one domain must be at least on two name servers which operate in independent networks and have separate power supply.

If you make use of full domain name service offered by us then the storing on the primary and secondary name servers will be the responsibility of GTS Hungary.  If you have a primary name server or the problem of domain name service has been completely resolved then you may request only secondary server or only registration from us.

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By clicking here you can verify whether a certain domain name has already been registered or its registration process has begun.

Domestic (.hu) domain registration fees

Domain extension Net one-time fee One-time fee including VAT Net annual fee Gross annual fee
.hu HUF 3,990 HUF 5,067 HUF 2,000 HUF 2,540


The one-time fee covers maintenance expenses as well for two years.  The annual fee is invoiced from the third year.

We remind you that the minimum registration period for domestic domain names is two years. Should you transfer your domain name to another service provider within the given period, we cannot pay back the money.

 Other charges

Domain name transfer
If you request the transfer of your domain name registration to GTS Hungary from another domain registration organization then one-time registration transfer fee amounting to gross HUF 1,270 will be charged.

Reactivation of domain in quarantine
The one-time gross fee to be paid for the reactivation of domains in parking status before cancellation or deletion is HUF 5,080.

Administration fee due to the Consulting Body of Internet Service Providers (ISZT)
The Consulting Body is a committee of independent experts that decides on disputed issues connected with the eligibility of domain names.  The one-time gross administration fee to be paid to the Consulting Body is HUF 50,800 for each domain against which a complaint has been made. More detailed information about the work of the Consulting Body is available on Internet site http://www.domain.hu/domain/tt/.